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Leave off:


1. Irrelevant temporary job positions
1. 与应聘职位不相关的兼职经历;

2. Your religion; unless applying for a job at a religious institution
2. 信仰,除非你应聘关宗教职位;
3. Political affiliations

3. 政治面貌;

4. Information about your family members
4. 家庭成员信息;
5. Lies about your job experience or educational background
5. 对自身工作经历和教育背景造假;
6. Health problems
6. 健康问题;
7. Marital status
7. 婚姻状况;
(即使HR问,如果是外企你也有权利不回答,因为有些公司会因为女性需要结婚休产假等问题,在性别上择优考虑男性,而这是对女性非常不公平的,如果是文化较开放的放弃,我们可以回到:It is a private question, and I do not see it has anything to do with my capability. As a result, could I not answer it.)

8. What you hated about your last job
8. 讨厌前一份工作的原因;(尽量不要在面试时抱怨,要positive的去讨论问题,换位思考如果你是用人单位你也不愿意要一个整天抱怨,或者说前一个工作不好的人。)

9. What you hated about your last boss or co-workers
9. 讨厌前任老板或同事的原因;(永远不要说自己的同事不好。)

10. Your photograph
10. 个人照片;

11. Salary history
11. 工薪历史;

12. Age (for age, marital status and family status you need to be culturally aware. In the US it is not the custom to include these details. In the UK date of birth is optional and marital status no longer required. Other countries will have different requirements)
12. 年龄(美国不要求你自报年龄、婚姻状况和家庭情况,英国出生年月可加可不加,婚姻状况则不需要,不同国家有不同要求,这类的文化差异必须事先了解清楚。)

13. Things you could leave off, if your CV is becoming too long
13. 如果你的简历太长,这些东西也可以去掉:
Interests and hobbies; anything relevant could be included elsewhere or put in your covering letter.
Superfluous information; driving licence or school grades.
References (there is no need to provide references until a job offer has been made. You can state references are available on request or on receipt of a job offer)