L5 Customer's Always Right!3

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Tracy Bill got up early on 21st to wait for her new dining table. She wanted to be sure to be ready when the delivery truck arrived.By 8:45, she had showered, dressed, eaten breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen. At exactly 10:05, the phone rang. Tracy thought it was the delivery men, so she raised over to the phone. It was Lucy, her nextdoor neighbour, inviting her to go shopping at the New South Crest Mall. Tracy wanted to go, but she explained to Lucy that she had to wait around for the delivery truck. She wanted to be absolutely certain this new table would be in perfect condition. At 11:45, the phone rang again. This time it was the dentist's office reminding her she had an appointment at 2:15. 12:00 arrived and still no delivery truck. She waited a few minutes then picked up the phone to call the department store. Just as she began to dial, her husband poked his head in the living room. "Oh, hum, I forgot to tell you,the delivery service called yesterday while you were out, your table won't be here until around 2:00. "Oh...." Tracy groaned, "Why didn't you tell me?" Her husband shrugged his shoulders and said, "I don't know, I forgot I guess."