L5 Customer's Always Right!

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In Lesson 4 you learned about the “y-vowel link” between words that end with a /i/ sound and words that begin with vowels. In this lesson, you are going to learn another link between vowels called the “w-vowel link”. Listen to these phrases: who is, so is, how are. The words “who”, “so” and “how” all end with the /u/ sound--/u:/, /əu/ and /au/. Since the vowel /u/ is similar to the consonant /w/. /W/ is a transitional sound that helps you glide from an /u/-ending word to the beginning of another word that starts with a vowel sound. Listen to a few more examples: now I, you are, no idea, who is, so is, how are, you are, glue it, bow out, Sue eat, renew it, throw on, go off. Now let’s try some sentences.

1. You can glue it together.

2. You are John James, aren’t you?

3. I think you should renew it?

4. How is your mother?

5. Sue eats too much.

6. Who is he?