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Is there any difference between credit unions and banks? They both serve the same basic functions. They help you manage your funds while safe guarding , checking and saving's accouts. They both finance home, auto and other types of loans. But a bank is a business, and a credit union is an organization, you're merely a customer of a bank, but you're a member of a credit union, because a credit union is an organization you can join. Credit unions are established by and for people whoever come and bond, this could be a group of farmers, a gruop of teachers, or possibly counted workers who pull their money together and pass their money savings onto their members, like bank customers. Credit union members receive dividends on their savings accounts, but banks charge fee for customers to use their checking account services, while credit union members receive dividends on their checking accounts. Many banks ravin a share charge on ATM use, while credit union ATMs are usually free to members. There are many financial advantages to be a member of credit union, the only disadvantage is that major banks are in every city in the country and around the grobe, but a credit union usually only exist in the county which was established. However, credit unions are pushing to resolve that by forming bonds with one and other, where by customers can make deposits, withdraws, and transfers anywhere in the country.

Now listen to the following statements, and answer True, False or I don't know.

1. Credit unions do not have checking account services.

2. You can become a memeber of a credit union.

3. Banks pay dividends on both checking and savings accounts.

4. It is usually cheaper to use a bank than to use a credit union.

5. Credit unions' ATMs are usually free to members.

6. A credit union member can make deposits at any ATM.