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Not too long ago, U.S. banks were offering incentives to entice clients into using ATM machines. No one wanted to use them though, because machines lack the warmth and personal touch of a human teller. But today, of course, nearly everyone uses ATM machines to get cash, deposit money, or transfer funds. And that's not the only banking innovation. There are other banking services that are rapidly becoming more and more useful to busy people who do not have the time to go to a bank in person and wait in line to see a teller. Banking by phone allows you as an account holder to check on your balances, make transfers, listen to transaction histories, and much more, all by using your touch-tone phone. You can of course do all of this after the bank has closed, including weekends. Online banking offers you the same services by accessing an account online. E-banking, or electronic banking, can be done without cash or checks. Your paycheck can be deposited automatically through direct deposit, and your bills can be paid by transferring funds electronically out of your account. You don't have to write a single check or mail a single statement. Managing your money is simple, too. All you have to do is check your e-statement, daily if you like. Isn't it hard to remember the time when you had to go to a bank and stand in line to do all of this? So who needs cash? You've already got your debit card!