L4 The "y-vowel link"

2015-05-11 20:58:49 来源:大耳朵英语


To link two things together means to connect them, and words are often link together in natural spoking English, so to make your English sound more natural you can link your words together in certain circumstances. There are several types of linking, and we'll focus on one of them in this lesson, the "y-vowel link".

Listen to these phrases: he is, I am, they are, the boy is. The words "he, I, they and boy" all end with an 'i:' sound: i:, ai, ei and ɔi. When you link a word that ends with an "i:' sound to a word that begins with and vowel sound at a "y" sound between them "he is, they are, I am". Since the vowel "i:" is very similar to the continent "y", "y"is the transactional sound that helps you glide easily from "e" to another vowel.