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Part 1 Where to Eat in America 美国餐馆种类

If you want a hamburger, hotdog or fied potato, you can go to those REFRESHMENT STANDS or SNACK BARS, which also sell soft drinks.You can find these stalls everywhere, parks, theatre entrance, airport, bus stop, railway station, etc. The price there is very low and the food is excellent. And also if you want to find a better place to enjoy your hamburger, you can go to the FAST FOOD CHAINS.

The Italian food is very popular in America.You can buy it at a PIZZA STAND.It's easy to find those stands, but remember, if you choose to stay there enjoying your food, you should pay some tips after finishing the meal.

There is another kind of restaurant that is called "LUNCHEONETTE" if you are particularly food of sandwiches, those are the right choices.To eat in such restaurants is quite economical.

And if you want some vegetables, you can go to the SALAD BARS on the street.

You can go to the DINERS or COFFEE SHOPS if you want to enjoy a full-scale Western-style food. There you can order food of various levels according to your own preference and economic status.

Of course there are also many CHINESE FOOD RESTAURANTS, but it is somehow expensive to eat there-if you want to had a good meal.

Finally, using VENDING MACHINES are the easiest way to solve your food problem.You can find anything in it, candy, biscuit, fruit, coffee and so on.


首先,如果你想吃汉堡、热狗或者是炸土豆条,你可以去REFRESHMENT STANDS (点心铺)或者SNACK BARS(小吃店),这类摊点不仅有吃的,还卖饮料,而且到处都可以找到,公园、戏院人口处、机场、汽车站、火车站等。如果你想去一个环境好点儿的地方吃汉堡,建议你去FAST FOOD CHAINS(快餐联锁店)。

在美国,如果想吃比萨,可以去PIZZA STAND(馅饼摊)。这类摊点很容易找到,如果你坐在餐桌前吃,别忘了吃完要付点小费。

另外,如果专门要吃三明治,LUNCHEONETTE(便餐店)是不错的选择,在这种小店里吃饭非常实惠。若想要吃蔬菜,大街上的SALAD BARS(沙拉酒吧)里就有供应。

若要享受西餐的全套饭菜,可以去两个地方:一是DINERS(小餐馆),另一类是COFFEE SHOP(咖啡店)。在这些地方,你可以根据自己的喜好和经济状况点自己想要的食物。

吃饭最简捷的方式是在VENDING MACHINES(自动售货机)那儿买,这种机器什么都卖,糖果、饼干、水果、咖啡,一应俱全。